Transport Eurosupply Hoogwerksystemen B.V.


We bring the platform like a location of your choice and remove it again if you desired.In order to save transport costs , it is also possible for us to pick up the cherry picker and to return again on our branch. To choose the right transportation we offer 3 options :

Collection and delivery itself
You will get the platform itself and bring the branch in Moerdijk.

Delivery and return (on indistrieterrein Moerdijk)
In the industrial area of ​​Moerdijk, we apply no transportation, your delivery address within the gates of the industrial area of ​​Moerdijk, you can choose this option.

Delivery and return
To accurately determine the transport costs, we ask you to enter the zip code of the delivery address in the shopping cart, the system automatically calculates charges you for the delivery and collection of the platform.

Find out your delivery address and determine the zip code :

“We were pleasantly surprised with the custom solution that saves us a lot of time. Previously, an inspection took 3 days using aluminum scaffolding, but with the use of this compact machine (which could just get past the the bar to get inside) the time closed was limited to 1 day.”
Robert van den Berge, Klimhal Yellowstone