Platform Operator SSVV/SOG

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This course is created for employees in industrial enterprises engaged in the (petro) chemical works and use platforms. The activities can bring a significant risk bothers you, it is important to do as safely as possible and run according strict guidelines. You put a practical exam down by each category. Possible in the following categories: 1B, 3A and 3B. Each category represents a type of platform:

Category 1A: Vertical working, single stamped platforms

Category 1B: Telescopic / articulated telescopic boom lifts, truck-trailer, boom chassis or spider platforms with stamps.

Categoy  3A: Self-propelled scissor lifts and self-propelled single vertical lifts.

Category 3B: Self-propelled telescopic and articulated booms with jib.

The program is supervised by the SSVV, VCA recognized and valid for 5 years. Note: The 1-day course to achieve an SOG certificate does require practice / experience of the participant. Participants are individually examined for the practical examen so less time is available for practical instruction and practice. Participants will receive a diploma and a credit card-sized card by mail for each category. The exam can be taken in addition to Dutch, English and German. Other language exams are available on request. By default, the certificate printed in Dutch

Course outline:

  • Laws and regulations
  • Daily maintenance
  • Vehicle inspetion
  • Safety features
  • Practice exercises
  • Individual practical examen

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Praktische Informatie

Course duration
  • 08.30 – 16.30 hour

  • Location
  • Individual or groep registration at Eurosupply in Moerdijk
  • In-Company grouptraining possible.
  • At a location in your vincinity: Eindhoven, Hoogvliet, Ridderkerk and Tilburg

  • Class size
  • 10 people 1 category
  • 5 people 2 categories
  • 3 people 3 categories

  • Valitidy
  • 5 years

  • Certification
  • This course is supervised by SSVV/SOG.

  • * this price is based on application for a minimum of 8 participants for 1 category, excluding VAT.

    Prices include:
  • Course material, theorie – and practical tests, certification, coffee/tea and lunch. Excluding VAT.
  • “We were pleasantly surprised with the custom solution that saves us a lot of time. Previously, an inspection took 3 days using aluminum scaffolding, but with the use of this compact machine (which could just get past the the bar to get inside) the time closed was limited to 1 day.”
    Robert van den Berge, Klimhal Yellowstone