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Eurosupply Hoogwerksystemen started in 1990 and has evolved into a complete provider of aerial working platforms in the Netherlands and Belgium. Through our years of experience, we provide the right product for a safe work at height. So determine we have set up a few steps for you to get the right platform:

Guidelines for the selection of a platform

  • Determine the number of persons for the work to be performed
  • Determine the required platform dimensions
  • Determine the required platform dimensions
  • Analyze the accessibility of the location
  • Analyze ( bottom ) condition and accessibility essay platform
  • Determine the required working height
  • Determine the sideways range

Determine the required mast system

  • Vertical ( scaffold , compact platform or scissor lift
  • Articulated ( for an "up and about " range in case of obstacles)
  • Telescope ( for a wide range in the lateral free space)

Determine the correct chassis

  • Stamped (if acceptable ground pressure , easy transport)
  • Semi- self-propelled ( rough terrain , in the event of transfer over long distances , in the case of low ground pressure)
  • Self-propelled battery ( many trips on location indoor use)
  • Self-propelled diesel ( many trips on location outdoors)
  • Self-propelled diesel 4x4 or tracks ( many trips on location in use on rough terrain )

You can also afpraak schedule so we will work with you on the project , please contact us!

“We were pleasantly surprised with the custom solution that saves us a lot of time. Previously, an inspection took 3 days using aluminum scaffolding, but with the use of this compact machine (which could just get past the the bar to get inside) the time closed was limited to 1 day.”
Robert van den Berge, Klimhal Yellowstone