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Eurosupply Hoogwerksystemen started in 1990 and has evolved into a complete provider of aerial working platforms in the Netherlands and Belgium. Through our years of experience, we provide the right product for a safe work at height. So determine we have set up a few steps for you to get the right platform:

Guidelines for the selection of a platform

  • Determine the number of persons for the work to be performed
  • Determine the required platform dimensions
  • Determine the required platform dimensions
  • Analyze the accessibility of the location
  • Analyze ( bottom ) condition and accessibility essay platform
  • Determine the required working height
  • Determine the sideways range

Determine the required mast system

  • Vertical ( scaffold , compact platform or scissor lift
  • Articulated ( for an "up and about " range in case of obstacles)
  • Telescope ( for a wide range in the lateral free space)

Determine the correct chassis

  • Stamped (if acceptable ground pressure , easy transport)
  • Semi- self-propelled ( rough terrain , in the event of transfer over long distances , in the case of low ground pressure)
  • Self-propelled battery ( many trips on location indoor use)
  • Self-propelled diesel ( many trips on location outdoors)
  • Self-propelled diesel 4x4 or tracks ( many trips on location in use on rough terrain )

You can also afpraak schedule so we will work with you on the project , please contact us!

“In recent years our cooperation has increased. We opt for the good cooperation and the quality of the equipment and organization. A company that is always evolving. Doing business on the basis of trust is something that is rooted deep for Eurosupply.”
Nick van Zwieteren en Hans van Zwieteren, MSR verhuur uit Ridderkerk